How many people can reach my store network? Where are my competitors? What happens if I open a new shop? What would be the best combination of 5 shops out of 100? Where are suitable vacancies? 

Motion Intelligence has provided a platform to answer these questions for Getränke Hoffmann, the largest German beverage retailer with over 300 outlets.

The platform is based on Route360°, German Census, OSM and IS24 real estate data.

The highly interactive platform is served by statistical vector tiles. It doesn't rely on isochrones anymore and can hence be called a shift of paradigm for Motion Intelligence. 

Features of interest are the integration of IS24 data that allows the client to retrieve suitable objects from their data base. Out of the data optimal locations can be calculated in order to target customers in the best possible way.


Retail Network Planning
  • Analysing and optimising retail networks
  • 2017
  • Business Intelligence, Retail