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Welcome to Route360°

The Route 360°-technology by Motion Intelligence provides a simple API for large geographic network analysis, route planning and visualization to power complex geo-applications. Our solutions can be integrated into your existing platform or can be build as a new application to suit your requirements. Let us help power your business with state-of-the art geo capabilities.

How we work

We work together with our clients to built custom state-of-the-art geo applications


You would like to use our solutions, but are not sure how? We help you develop a concept that suits your needs.



We help you design the infrastructure to run your application based on your data and our API as well as the user interface.


Build and operate

We extend your existing application or build your new application from scratch.


The Route360°-API supports the following features
Travel Time Analysis

Our API finds the fastest way between any two locations and shows you how far you can travel in a given time range, so you can quickly make decisions about the accessibility of a location.


Routing is a essential to logistics, real estate and consumer applications. Our API will show you how to get to places using different transport modes.

Location Finder

Looking for a new location based on accessibility? Want to analyze the spatial coverage of your service? Our technology helps you select potential locations for your next venture.

Intuitive Visualization

Our API provides powerful and intuitive visualization for your application. Choose from different color schemes, base maps and other custom options.

Your Data

Your data runs your application. We support any type of geodata format and object type. Add demographic data to see how many people you can reach in a given amount of time.

Dynamic Queries

Select and filter objects by travel time and other parameters. Our API is lightning-fast and returns dynamic queries in milliseconds in the browser.

Worldwide Coverage

No matter where you are in the world, we have you covered. Our technology works in your application for car, walk and bike accessibility services as well as routing.


We provide travel time analysis for different transport modes including public transit, car, bicycle, and walking. Select and combine various modes for your app.

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