How it works

The Route360°-technology by Motion Intelligence provides a simple API for large geographic network analysis, route planning and visualization to power complex geo-applications. Our solutions can be integrated into your existing platform or can be build as a new application to suit your requirements. Let us help power your business with state-of-the art geo capabilities.

Mobility Maps Moblility Analytics Data Sources
Mobility Maps Moblility Analytics Data Sources



What area is reachable from specific targets within a range of time? Our isochrone service beautifully presents elegant, communicative polygons, and it does so quickly.


Routing is a essential to logistics, real estate and consumer applications. Our API will show you how to get to places using different transport modes.


Say goodbye to point-in-polygon tests. Our TimeService calculates actual travel time to thousands of targets, allowing you to filter your datasets by reachability.


Learn more about your impact. With our statistics service, you can generate summaries of census data within reachable areas.


Add reference to your maps. Make your data visualizations pop with beautiful basemaps. Raster or vector? We've got you covered.

POI Services

What can I reach? Our OSM-powered POI service gives you access to millions of points, allowing you to quantify your reachable impact.


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